Even though the mod scene in Hexen2 is a bit small, there are quality mods out and a lot more coming...

Released Mods:

DungeonBreak by Phoenikz and Desperado (added 4/20/99) - yes, know you too can play the mod everyone has been raving about! Basically, its a team game where a person is jailed whenever they are killed, so their teammates have to free them (unless they find another way...). The goal is to get the entire opposing team into the dungeon, whereby they are executed, give your team mass points. Simple, yet tons of fun. You can also go to the majorly outdated DungeonBreak homepage for more information, or to the the Phoenikz Project for the latest updates. (4.83 MB)

Rival Kingdoms (homepage) by Kainster and Kor Skarn (added 4/2/99) - the beta has been finally released! Long anticipated, this mod from two of the best HexenC programmers rocks!! Built from Siege, the mod places both teams as attackers and defenders, in a fight for the other team's crown. It also adds lots of new weapons and spells, as well as two new playerclasses!! So get it now!

HexArena by Bludbath and Christian (added 3/22/99) - wow... this kinda popped out of nowhere... anyways, a beta has been completed. This is a lot like Rocket Arena for Quake, where players are matched off in one-on-one competetions, while the others watch. Check out the homepage. (1.85 MB)

HW Rotation by Kor Skarn (added 3/22/99) - actually, this was pretty much the first Hexenworld mod, but it kinda slipped my mind... heh. Anyways, this allows a host to easily set what maps to rotate on their server, instead of using the (ugh) built-in defaults. Only the server needs to download this. (390 KB)

Seige Rotation by Kor Skarn (added 3/22/99) - this is pretty much the same as above, but for Siege. Again, only the server needs to have these files. (373 KB)

HW Teamplay by Phoenikz (added 3/19/99) - Cool. A teamplay mod for Hexenworld!! Though directed toward guild-matching, this mod is great for pick-up as well. However, only people planning on running a server will need to download this, so if you're only planning on playing just find a server running HWTEAM and jump on! And be sure to visit The Phoenikz Project for more information. (384 KB)

NVT for DM by Phoenikz (added 3/10/99) - Great HW mod that allows players to choose what level they play next. This is a sever-side mod, so if you only want to play you don't need to download this. (394 KB)

NVT for Siege by Phoenikz (added 3/10/99) - Same as above, but this one allows players to vote for maps when playing Siege. This is also a server-side mod. (382 KB)

NVT Voting Map by Havoc (added 3/10/99) - map designed for NVT allowing a choice of over 15 maps. If you're planning on joining a NVT server, you should probably download this. (224 KB)

Assault (homepage) by JackStraw (added 3/18/99) - a siege mod that pits both teams in an attack for the crown. Best suited for 2-4 players. To play, you'll need the Assault map (969 KB), and if you want to run a server you'll also need the Assault progs (339KB).

HexMatch V2.0 (added 3/10/99) - created by Phayyde, this mod is for regular Hexen2 (not HW) that tries to reduce internet lag and get rid of some multiplayer imbalances. This is server-side only. (363 KB)

Hexen2 CTF V2.0 (added 3/10/99) - also created by Phayyde. Its Capture The Flag for Hexen!! Unfortunatly, this mod is for regular hexen2 (not HW), so I never even got the chance to play it. (7.5 MB)

Upcoming Mods:

BloodReign homepage - A very cool single-player mod based on the video game Castlevania series. Being done by Aridale. Check out his page, which includes screenshots.

Lord of the Rings homepage - a very interesting mod. Team-based, it involves several types of play, such as a race for the ring in the middle of the two teams, and siege-style attack and defend... should be interesting.

HW CTF homepage - Capture the Flag for hexenworld!! I can't wait... apparently it is nearly completed, however the main programmer Kor Skarn is currently busy with Rival Kingdoms, so we'll have to wait for after that s released

Agent of Chaos homepage - an incredible-looking single player Total Conversion for Hexen2. Check it out to see the big plans they have for this... however, this mod seems to be much delayed, though it should be well worth the wait.




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