Here is a collection of files necessary to play Hexen II, especially if you plan on playing multiplayer...


Hexen II Patch V1.11 (added 3/10/99) - this file will update all previous registered versions of Hexen2 to version 1.11, so you better get it. (6.3 MB)

Portals Of Praevus Patch V1.12a (added 3/10/99) - this file will update any previous version of the Portals of Praevus Expansion Pack to version 1.12a (628 KB)

HexenWorld Client Beta .15 (added 3/10/99) - more of an add-on than a patch, H2World modifes Hexen2 to be more net friendly by reducing major lag. If you want to play Hexen2 over the 'net, you better get this... (6.4 MB)

HexenWorld Server Beta .15 (added 3/10/99) - to run a Hexenworld server, you'll need this, as well as the client above... for some outdated information on running a server, go here. (1.2 MB)

Internet Utilities:

GameSpy homepage (added 3/10/99) - a personal favorite of mine, this util is great for finding low ping games on the 'net.

PingTool homepage (added 3/10/99) - another good net game finder that is used by a lot of people.




Siege Resource

F176's Config

Community HexenWorld

HW WebRing

Chaos Sphere

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