No, I could not think of a better name . Anyways, this section will feature single-player maps and hubs (which have now started to gain some popularity), as well as maps for new mods, starting with HexArena. And, as always, check out RedSun's FTP for the latest of Hexen mapping goodness!

Single Player Maps/Hubs:

Buried Spire by Jeremy Statz (added 4/20/99) - found this lying around the defunct Citadel. It requires the Hexen2 mission pack, Portals of Praevus. (835 KB)

Ahumado by Jan. M. Pear (added 4/20/99) - also found at the Citidel, this is a rather beefy single-player map. (1.83 MB)

Temple of Chaos by Tobias Perrson (added 4/9/99) - an older SP map that I found at the old files depot, the Labyrinth. (588 KB)

MartimH2 by the Martim Team (added 4/9/99) - another oldie from the Labyrinth, made by the team that brought you MartimH1 (in the deathmatch section). (488 KB)




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