This is just kind of a doggie bag where I get to toss any leftovers I may have. Have something weird? Send 'er in!

NameFun by Vlad (added 3/10/99) - Just a little file which helps you set up fancy names for playing Hexen2 online. (2 KB)

HexenII Desktop Theme by Nemnoch (added 3/10/99) - a cool theme for Win95 or Win98 that uses the games own graphics and sounds. Definitely check this one out! (303 KB)

Quake Weapons V0.41 (added 3/10/99) - by Dion Olsthoorn, a very strange modification which gives the Paladin several Quake1 weapons. What?!? Anyways, download 'er if your so inclined. (529 KB)

EidoFix V1.0 (added 3/10/99) - by Rob Hill. Supposedly there's a bug while fighting Eidolon (I never had this problem) where the game freezes. If you have had this problem, this file should fix it. (342 KB)




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