Well, if there's something we have a lot of, its really cool deathmatch maps! You can download them all (or at least the ones I've found) below individually, or get the big map packs I've made. Oh yeah, and if you made a map that's featured here, and you don't have credit, contact me!!

Most files can be found at RedSun's FTP, a cool map service which is updated faster than this page. Check it out!

Map Packs:

Stables MapPack Vol. 1 (added 3/11/99) - this is a big collection of maps, featuring the maps below with the sign beside them. (4.85 MB)

Stables MapPack Vol. 2 (added 3/18/99) - another collection of maps, featuring all maps below with the sign beside them. (5.82 MB)

Individual Maps:

BreakDown by Desperado (added 8/11/99) (286 KB)

Kinghill by Desperado (added 8/11/99) (140 KB)

Kinghill2 by Desperado (added 8/11/99) (300 KB)

Q1DM4 converted by Jackstraw (added 8/11/99) - this is a conversion of ID Software's Q1DM4 for Quake. (172 KB)

Q1DM6 converted by Jackstraw (added 8/11/99) - this is a conversion of ID Software's Q1DM6 for Quake. (230 KB)

Gauntlet by Utopia (added 8/11/99) (208 KB)

TowerDeath by Utopia (added 8/11/99) (266 KB)

KingHill3 by Utopia (added 8/11/99) (357 KB)

Dm1V5 by DarkRavager (added 3/11/99) - an arena-style map (137 KB)

Fun Death by DarkRavager (added 3/11/99) - another arena-style map, for 2 to 4 players. (96 KB)

Havdm1 by Havoc (added 3/11/99) (121 KB)

Hwtemple by Kor Skarn (added 3/11/99) (934 KB)

Inchwdm4 by Incubus (added 3/18/99) (371 KB)

Inchwdmf4 by Incubus (added 3/11/99) (381 KB)

Lavagarden by Desparado (added 3/11/99) (1.1 MB)

Apocalypse by Kravnos (added 3/11/99) (243 KB)

Assultdmhw by Incubus (added 3/11/99) (333 KB)

Asylum by unknown (added 3/11/99) (491 KB)

Bequick by Ancient1 (added 3/11/99) (149 KB)

Cipdm1b2 by ComeInPeace (added 3/11/99) (118 KB)

Hwosiris by Kor Skarn (added 3/11/99) (555 KB)

Hwtomb by Kor Skarn (added 3/11/99) (697 KB)

Inchwdm3 by Incubus (added 3/11/99) (249 KB)

Int18 by Incubus (added 3/11/99) (339 KB)

Lovelava by Ancient1 (added 3/11/99) (406 KB)

Lw2h2dm by unknown (added 3/11/99) (199 KB)

Pmid16 by Incubus (added 3/11/99) (479 KB)

Q1DM3 converted by JackStraw (added 3/11/99) - this is a conversion of ID Software's Q1DM3 for Quake. (460 KB)

Rrxincs by Incubus (added 3/11/99) (293 KB)

Sibh2dm1 by unknown (added 3/11/99) (373 KB)

Streets by unknown (added 3/11/99) (431 KB)

Wpdm1 by Demolisher (added 3/11/99) (316 KB)

Wtf5 by Incubus (added 3/11/99) (267 KB)

MartimH1 by Martim Team (added 3/11/99) (321 KB)

Unholy by Kain (added 3/11/99) (315 KB)

Nihil's Maps by Nihil (added 3/11/99) - collection of 4 deathmatch maps by mapmaker Nihil. (732 KB)




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