OLDER NEWS : by Neo-Reaper (neoreaper@hexenworld.com)

4/28/99 - Yah, I know... I'm slow. Oh well, better late than never. Be sure to check out the new section to the the right (yes, that big cheesy button), entitled the Mod Spotlight. This section, updated whenver, will focus on a different modification for Hexen. This week, Kor Skarn's Rotation Progs gets the first... uh... honors . I know its mostly text, I'll be working on some graphics soon. Also, I put up a texture wad containing converted Heretic textures for use in Hexen, courtesy of Dehumaniser.

4/20/99 - Well, I'm finally back. After the PQ network crash (and losing my directory), the Stables is back online!!! So what's new? Well, I added a bunch of new graphics, scattered around the site. Oh, and the Public Beta of DungeonBreak is finally out!!! This mod is loads of fun, and had a better opening weekend than Rival Kingdoms. It's easy to pick up, so get it now from my Other Mods section, or go to the Phoenikz Project, where you can also find the latest updates. Word is that DungeonBreak programmer Phoenikz is now working on HexArena, so hopefully those nasty server crashes will soon be fixed. From now on, I'll be trying to keep a DungeonBreak and a HexArena server up for now on, so look for them using either PingTool or Gamespy. It's good to be back.

4/9/99 - feature Note the new section on the left, More MAPS, which will single player maps, as well as maps for newer mods such as HexArena. 1500 hits! Somebody loves me!!! heh. Not much else is new, I'll be running a HexArena server for a while, be sure to drop in. Also added couple of links to right. Oh, and before I forget, be sure to check out the Vampire Hunter Tavern, a hosted site by Aridale which features info and screenshots from his upcoming TC, BloodReign, based on the Castlevania series! Ultra-cool! (please note the "ultra") Anyways, if you made a map or mod, or want to put up some news about one you're developing, be sure to drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to post it!!! Ciao!!

4/2/99 - Woohoo!! 1000 hits!!! Unfortunatley, I never got to find out who the 1000th was... oh well. Other than that, I just did a little cleaning up... since nothing has been released lately. Remember, if you want to send anything in, just E-mail me!!

3/30/99 - Just thought I'd update... added a texture wad containing all of the textures from Hexen2 and its mission pack (thanks JackStraw). Umm... been playing a few new mods lately... Rival Kingdoms turned out to be a lot of fun! Also, the lastest version of DungeonBreak (a non-public beta which I am testing) is turning out to be very good, thanks to the amazing efforts of Phoenikz (coding) and Desperado (mapping). Hmmm... what else... oh yeah, the Canada vs USA Tourney has been delayed, I wanted to have it this weekend... but its Easter, and I'm not even sure if I'll be home. Oh yeah, and be sure to check out the counter at the bottom!!!

3/28/99 - Rival Kingdoms, probably the most anticipated Hexen2 mod of all time, is now out!!!! Well, the open beta is, anyways... so be sure to stop by the RK homepage and join up for the first day!!

3/22/99 - HexArena Beta is out!! Head over to Other Mods to get it now!!! I also fixed a few oversights I originally made (thanks Kor). But come on guys, if you haven't already, sign up for Canada vs. USA Siege Tournament! What could be better? So far, we have just three Canadian candidates, and only two American (and two internats )! So show some patriotism and sign up!!!

3/21/99 - Feel like a little sieging? Well, how about a little Siege across the Borders!!! That's right, the Hexen2 Stables is hosting the Canada vs. United States Siege Tournament !!! I hope to have it in a week or so, date has yet to be determined... so if you want to join, go here, and even if you are not from the States or Canada, sign in anyways so I can see how many of you there are. Come on.... you know you want to...

3/19/99 - Got word from Boog that he's currently making a brand new single-player hub for Hexen2!! Tentativly called RavenHurst, it takes place after the fall of Eidolon and Praevus, in the city of RavenHurst, which was overrun by Eidolon's minions. Though Boog isn't saying much now, one very cool thing he mentioned is that there were be NPCs (non-player characters) that you can talk to for advice (this is being coded by Aridale). Sounds pretty sweet. You can also check out a very early screenshot below.

Also, that always busy coder Phoenikz has created a Teamplay mod for Hexenworld!! Also be sure to visit his newly hosted site on hexenworld, The Phoenikz Project.

3/18/99 - Well, now I'm all set up on Hexenworld. All files are now available though the PQ mirrors. However, some of them may take a couple of days to update, so bear with me. Anyways, check out the page, and any comments and criticisms should be sent directly to me.

Another good source for maps is RedSun's FTP, which is where map makers now directly upload to...

3/11/99 - The Hexen2 Stables is finally up!! This is THE page to go for all of your Hexen2 file needs. I'm gonna try to have just about any files related to Hexen2 right here on this page, so just click on any of the sections to the left... and for Hexen2 information, be sure to check out my links on the right...